Doc’s Mission Statement

Our purpose at Doc’s is to enrich the local community through comfort food.

We strive to provide our customers with a sandwich and experience as reassuring as an old pal.

We respect each of our employees and work to provide the type of jobs that good people deserve. We believe that, in return for their hard work and contributions, our employees deserve trust, job training, and a voice, as well as compensation sufficient to sustain and build a decent lifestyle.

We aspire to business practices that balance profitability and growth with the long-term sustainability of human, social, and environmental capital. We believe that the practices of even the smallest business can have an impact and influence on the community and its future, and we intend to lead by example as we become a bigger company.

In the future…

Doc’s will be a conglomerate of “pods”– one to two food trucks operating out of the kitchen of a Doc’s storefront — spread around one or more Western cities. These pods will share resources such as operations manuals, best practices, recipes, suppliers, etc. They will each operate toward the fulfillment of our mission statement.

Additionally we will have a line of locally-sourced condiments, featuring our Original Recipe Ketchup, manufactured in Oakland, that will compete with corporate condiment offerings in groceries around the West.

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