Storm Hill Beef CO-OP

Storm Hill Beef Co-Op of South Dakota is our source of our Black Angus beef. They are 5th generation family farmers who know that without a sustainable ranch, farm and business practices, they will not be able to pass on their ranches to their kids. It is this old fashion passion for raising the best beef, without the use of GMO grain, antibiotics, or added hormones that puts Storm Hill Beef in a class above the rest. Storm Hill is supplied by numerous ranching families who share the same set of values, namely to raise really exceptional beef.

Sustainability is also a driving factor for the Storm Hill Beef CO-OP. From rotating the grazing pasture lands, to a feedlot system developed by Temple Grandin, to insisting that every part of the operation from birth to processing is done in a humane manner with a focus on sustainable and proper animal husbandry. The cattle in the Storm Hill Angus program are raised in mostly Rocky Mountain states – S. Central Montana, South Dakota, & Colorado and are free range after weaning, while mature cattle go to a corn based finishing program.

The beef is then butchered right here in Oakand by Preferred Meats. We then hand pack our own patties with minced onion daily before smashing them on the griddle with an antique iron.

Storm Hill CO-OP’s bottom line:

Verified heritage Angus breed genetics

Raised without the use of added hormones or antibiotics – EVER

Raised in a humane and sustainable manner

Smaller sized farms

Beef evaluated by Preferred Meats for quality and consistency

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