Doc’s Mission Statement

Our purpose at Doc’s is to enrich the local community through comfort food.

We strive to provide our customers with a sandwich and experience as reassuring as an old pal.

We respect each of our employees and work to provide the type of jobs that good people deserve. We believe that, in return for their hard work and contributions, our employees deserve trust, job training, and a voice, as well as compensation sufficient to sustain and build a decent lifestyle.

We aspire to business practices that balance profitability and growth with the long-term sustainability of human, social, and environmental capital. We believe that the practices of even the smallest business can have an impact and influence on the community and its future, and we intend to lead by example as we become a bigger company.

In the future…

Doc’s will be a conglomerate of “pods”– one to two food trucks operating out of the kitchen of a Doc’s storefront — spread around one or more Western cities. These pods will share resources such as operations manuals, best practices, recipes, suppliers, etc. They will each operate toward the fulfillment of our mission statement.

Additionally we will have a line of locally-sourced condiments, featuring our Original Recipe Ketchup, manufactured in Oakland, that will compete with corporate condiment offerings in groceries around the West.

Green Hollow Preserve

Green Hollow Preserve, founded in 2010, is an artisanal pickling and preserving company based in the Cow Hollow neighborhood of San Francisco, CA. They are committed to reviving the production of artisanal goods for and from our local communities, a tradition which dates back to turn-of-the-century Cow Hollow. Green Hollow sources ingredients from local farms and purveyors, using fresh, seasonal, and organic goods whenever possible.

Firebrand Artisan Breads

Firebrand Artisan Breads is the only wood fired, brick oven bakery in the East Bay and San Francisco. Each loaf is made using wild yeast starters, mixed in small batches, shaped by hand, and baked in a wood fired oven. Firebrand bakes Doc’s delicious Challah buns. The signature shiny crust and tender crumb cradles all of our Angus beef patties delicately. Their oven was hand built and, reaches temperatures of 800 degrees, giving these unique buns an intense and unparalleled flavor

Storm Hill Beef CO-OP

Storm Hill Beef Co-Op of South Dakota is our source of our Black Angus beef. They are 5th generation family farmers who know that without a sustainable ranch, farm and business practices, they will not be able to pass on their ranches to their kids. It is this old fashion passion for raising the best beef, without the use of GMO grain, antibiotics, or added hormones that puts Storm Hill Beef in a class above the rest. Storm Hill is supplied by numerous ranching families who share the same set of values, namely to raise really exceptional beef.

Sustainability is also a driving factor for the Storm Hill Beef CO-OP. From rotating the grazing pasture lands, to a feedlot system developed by Temple Grandin, to insisting that every part of the operation from birth to processing is done in a humane manner with a focus on sustainable and proper animal husbandry. The cattle in the Storm Hill Angus program are raised in mostly Rocky Mountain states – S. Central Montana, South Dakota, & Colorado and are free range after weaning, while mature cattle go to a corn based finishing program.

The beef is then butchered right here in Oakand by Preferred Meats. We then hand pack our own patties with minced onion daily before smashing them on the griddle with an antique iron.

Storm Hill CO-OP’s bottom line:

Verified heritage Angus breed genetics

Raised without the use of added hormones or antibiotics – EVER

Raised in a humane and sustainable manner

Smaller sized farms

Beef evaluated by Preferred Meats for quality and consistency

Berkeley Bowl & BiRite

Berkeley Bowl is an independent, full-service supermarket committed to bringing the highest quality groceries at the lowest possible prices. Their specialty has always been in produce, and they have one of the largest selection of organic goods in the California.

Since 1966, BiRite has been synonymous with quality, efficiency, innovation and customer service. BiRite is committed to providing customers with quality products, timely deliveries and competitive pricing.

Both Berkeley Bowl and BiRite supplies Doc’s with all of our produce. We are proud to say that whether your are enjoying our award winning Black Bean Burger or one of our Classic Burgers, the ingredients you’re eating are some of the best around.


Where to begin… Kriszta is a rare breed of Hungarian spice mixed with a whole lotta sas! Serving Doc’s Classic food with quality and character you can TASTE. Leaving your taste buds as happy as your eyes, Kriszta knows how to make the magic of delicious food an alaKAMAZING experience. This girl is one passionate lady about food. Coming from the far lands of Hungary bringing that passion and knowledge right here to the bay. Serving it up food truck style, she flips those patties with poise and pride. Even in her spare time you’ll still find Krizsta serving up many different exciting dishes for friends, family and even people she doesn’t know!


Kyle! One of our loved shift leaders. Much like LeBron he had to leave Cleveland behind, but with no intent of return. While the whole city suffers they’re loss, WE GET TO CELEBRATE HIS TRADE TO THE BAY! Leaving the flat corn filled lands of Ohio, Kyle brings with him the most creative and next levelness the world has yet to see. Beyond killing the burger game for Doc’s and leading shifts with fire you can also find Kyle posing his vast collection of action figures in his spare time. As well as creating hot new tracks for rare music performances and drawing up any kind of unique mind blowing art piece. From incredible creative talent to the intense drive and energy it takes to keep Doc’s rollin, this beautiful creature is ready to expand any project or challenge that comes his way into everything you never even knew you wanted.


MIKE! The man. The rock. The Doc himself. Bringing flavor all the way from Boston Massachusetts to the bay. If he’s not twisting our menu to create new specials, he’s deep cleaning SOMETHING. From quality fun food to cleanliness, Mike knows how to exude the most clean creativity you ever did see. In his spare time you can catch him pounding bagels and IPA’s. Perhaps walking a familiar trail, or making chocolate. You could say he’s a Jack of many trades. Mike is your standard go to guy. Whenever we don’t have an answer we can always cry “Miiiiiike help us!” and before we could even finish whining, he will have already thought of 3 ideas to help solve whatever obstacle we may be facing. WITH A GORGEOUS SMILE ON HIS FACE.

Doc’s of the Bay is rebranding for it’s Fourth Birthday!

Doc’s of the Bay takes its name from the classic of California literature Cannery Row, by John Steinbeck, in which the protagonist “Doc” is the fictionalized form of Steinbeck’s real-life friend, marine biologist Ed Ricketts. Steinbeck wrote the book partly as a eulogy for Ricketts after he died.

Of all the charming episodes in the book, I’ve always been most taken by Doc’s short idyll down the coast from Monterey to La Jolla, in search of specimens for his lab from the tide pools there. Doc is a fastidious soul: he has a mania for classical music, a phobia of getting his hair wet and, it’s clear, an insatiable appetite for counter fare. In those simpler days, every town from here to there had its wayside, and Doc stops at every one of them, ordering hamburgers, beers, the forgotten combination plate “pineapple pie and blue cheese” and, in a moment of compulsion, a beer milkshake.

It’s always been my opinion that Cannery Row is a book about values. Despite their low station and the forgotten corner of America in which they live, the assorted storeclerks, flag pole skaters, itinerant drunks, backsliders, madams and marine biologists of the row share a version of the good life. They have a strong mutual regard for the finer things in life, and for each other. “We should do something nice for Doc,” says Mack, the leader of the Palace Flophouse boys, expressing the idea that lends the book its narrative arch. Taking the same directive, we’ve named our business after him, and our aim is to provide a service that a man of Doc’s sensibilities would appreciate. My sense is that there are a lot of people with Doc’s sensibilities out there, who just know when they need a burger.